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Universal Ballet X Sejong Center Nutcracker Performances Cancelled

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Sejong Center X Universal Ballet

Nutcracker Performances Cancelled

Greetings to all our loyal fans and supporters:

It is with great sadness that we come to you with this message.

The 2020 Season has been a very difficult one. With each new development in the COVID-19 pandemic, we have adjusted once again. After the second coronavirus spike in the autumn months, we were excited to see that we still had enough time to rehearse Nutcracker so that we could bring joy and comfort to the community at the end of this difficult year, presenting the performance in compliance with the new social distancing guidelines.

After long discussions and preparations as we monitored the ongoing situation and prepared every possible precaution to make it possible to celebrate the end of the year with you and Nutcracker, with the renewed spike in COVID-19 cases over the past two weeks, we have been forced to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel our performances of Nutcracker this year.

The safety of our audience, our dancers and staff and the community remains our top priority, and despite our best efforts, it appears that a safe return to the stage this season is not in the cards.

We want to offer you a huge THANK YOU for your continued support this season. We are so grateful for the unwavering loyalty that our audience has demonstrated through the changes and challenges of 2020.
We look forward to the day when we can safely celebrate our love for dance together once again. Thank you!