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[Review-The Korea Times] Universal triumphs with 'Romeo and Juliet'

Date 2012-07-16 Hits 3495 Attach

Published on The Korea Times : To view original Click here!

The Universal Ballet Company (UBC) last week opened its first run of MacMillan’s 1965 work, becoming the first Korean troupe to stage this particular version in Seoul. Tuesday’s performance showed off musically attentive dance acting, and MacMillan’s psychological insight and imagination showed through. The cast was led by Ahn Ji-eun as Juliet and Rhee Hyon-jun as Romeo.
▷ This article was written in Korean.

UBC dancers Hwang Hye-min (Juliet) and Ohm Jea-yong (Romeo) star in Kenneth Macmillan’s “Romeo and Juliet” in Seoul on Thursday. ⓒ2012 Universal Ballet (Photo by Beom-seok Lee)