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Shim Chung

Date 2011.07.22 ~ 2011.07.24
Venue War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco
Tickets $115 / $105 / $89 / $79 / $69 / $40 / $30
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Snowy World Entertainment presents


Universal Ballet

Shim Chung – The Blindmans Daughter


San Francisco

Friday,   July 22, 7:00 PM

Sunday, July 24, 4:00 PM


War Memorial Opera House, San Francisco


Tickets Now!

$115 / $105 / $89 / $79 / $69 / $40 / $30



Shim Chung


Sea Dragon King

Korean King

22. JULY





Yu Zheng



34. JULY










Shim Chung ()_Presented in Nine Countries in the World


Universal Ballets Original Production on the road again

Shim Chung, a modern day classical masterpiece created for Universal Ballet has been staged 250 times at home and abroad and has sparked interest in many hearts in many places. As major newspapers around the world have praised its success, Shim Chung enjoys a growing endorsement from prestigious theaters the world over.


Shim Chung, a pillar of Universal Ballets repertory for more than 20 years 

Choreographer Adrienne Dellas and composer Kevin Barber Pickard teamed up to infuse traditional elegance

into this classic ballet work. In preparation, they studied the history of Korea and took care in combining

Korean cultural history with western classical ballet forms. This resulted in the creation of Shim Chung,

a new level of performance blending traditional sentiment and modern artistry into one. The main story line

is about Shim Chungs devotion to her blind father and how heaven is moved to restore his eyesight.

In Korea, where family values are a deep and integral part of the culture, this kind of dedication to serve

ones parents is referred to as Hyodo (), and is considered a great virtue. The ballet Shim Chung,

faithfully following the original story, accentuates the traditional virtue of filial piety in refined neoclassic



Updated with underwater video scenes

In 2010, Shim Chung was further developed with the addition of underwater video scenes.  For theaters with

sufficient technical facilities, this upgraded version of the production will offer an extra treat to the dance



Unforgettable Highlights

* The Sea Dragon Kings fury turns the sea into a whirlpool of storm.

* The strength and vigor of the sailors dances, matching the energy of the men in Spartacus, a Russian

   spectacle ballet.

* Shim Chung Pas de Deux with the Sea Prince  as memorable as Odette with Siegfried.

* The fantasy undersea kingdom in Act 2 is a visual feast.

* The company dances in the Korean Court in Act 3 present traditional Korean dances with a new


Shim Chung is performed by Universal Ballets world-class artists, who have been earnestly praised by the New York Times and the LA Times


* Presented as a special production during the 1988 Seoul Olympics Culture and Arts Festival

* Selected as the best ballet work at the 1986 Asian Games Culture and Arts Festival

* Received critical and public acclaim at Lincoln Center in New York, The Kennedy Center in Washington

   D.C., and the Music Center in Los Angeles in 2001



  and clearly touched the hearts of audience members in a time when the essential humanity of

dance seems largely lost.  

                                                                                 - Jennifer Dunning, The New York Times


The women aim for lyricism and extended linearity, and the men for herotic strength. It is unusual to

see a male corps with such cohesion and cushioned power as this companys.    

                                                                              -  George Jackson, The Washington Post


Act I - Scene I: A fishing village

The curtain opens revealing the old, thatched cottage of Shim Hak-Kyu, the blind man of Towha-dong.

He is eagerly awaiting the birth of his first child. His new baby daughter Shim Chung is brought to him, but

his joy soon turns to sorrow when the midwife informs him that his wife is dying.

In the years that follow, the blind father supports his daughter by begging until Shim Chung herself takes over.

The village seems to feel responsible for her, and they give generously. One day, however, Shim Chung is

so late returning home that her distraught father goes out in search of her. On his way to the village, he stumbles

near the bridge and falls into the river. He is rescued by a Buddhist monk who tells him that he can regain his

sight if he donates 300 sacks of rice to the temple. The father eagerly pledges the rice, only to regret his

decision later when he remembers how poor he is. Shim Chung finally arrives home, and the worried father

tells her what he has done. She reassures him and tells him not to worry, but is deeply concerned herself.

Soon the Captain of a ship and his sailors come to the village and offer a large sum of money for a maiden

to be sacrificed to the Sea Dragon King during their voyage, to protect the ship from the sea. Shim Chung

shocks the Captain by volunteering herself in order to fulfill her father's pledge to the monk. She receives

the money from the Captain, gives it to the monk, and begs him to purchase the 300 bags of rice and to pray

for her father to regain his sight. Her father and the whole village weep bitterly when she departs with the

Captain and his sailors.


Act I -Scene II: The deck of a ship

The Captain and his men take Shim Chung back to their ship. The men work in time with the rhythm of the

seas, sometimes orderly, sometimes exuberant, and sometimes boisterous. Three drunken sailors pursue

Shim Chung and attack her, but the Captain stops and scolds them. He reminds them that if the seas become

rough, she will be sacrificed, and he gives Shim Chung the white sacrificial dress. The Captain and his men

rejoice when Shim Chung takes the dress and accepts her fate.

Later she finds a place on the deck to rest as evening falls. Night comes and eases her into sleep. In a dream,

the spirit of her father comes to comfort and strengthen her. Before the first rays of dawn, a ferocious storm

breaks and wreaks havoc on the ship. After a ritual dance, Shim Chung prays and plunges into the sea.


Act II: Under the sea

After Shim Chung is found unconscious on the ocean floor, she is rescued and presented to the Sea Dragon

King. He already knows about her voluntary sacrifice and has proclaimed her a great Daughter of Filial Piety.

As soon as she appears, the King is struck by her beauty, and he offers her gifts and invites her to join his son

the Prince and celebrate with the creatures of the deep. A court entertainment is presented in Shim Chung's

honor, and Shim Chung wins the hearts of the entire court. But she seems troubled by something. The Sea

Dragon King asks what she desires, and she explains that she is worried about her blind father, whom she

left behind. The King tells her that any father? heart would be moved by devotion such as hers, and agrees to

let her return to the surface in a pink lotus flower.


Act III: Korean Kings palace


The Korean King and his ministers are gathered in the courtyard in front of a pond full of lotus flowers.

It is time for the Korean King to marry, and the court ministers have been searching high and low to find

just the right bride for him. Several candidates have been brought and presented to the King, but none

of them seems just right.

Suddenly, as if by magic, a pink lotus flower appears in the palace garden. It opens, and a beautiful maiden

steps out of the flower. The King asks her who she is and where she has come from. Shim Chung introduces

herself, and explains that she is trying to find her blind father. The King offers to help, ordering his ministers

to search the country high and low and bring all the blind men to the palace. He invites Shim Chung into his

apartment to rest after her long voyage.

In the evening, Shim Chung hears music from the courtyard that reminds her of her childhood, and her father.

She comes out to the veranda to listen more closely. Watching her, the King is moved by her pure heart and

her beauty. As time passes, the King love for Shim Chung deepens, and he directs his court to make all the

preparations for a royal wedding ceremony. As the day of the ceremony arrives, the blind men begin to arrive

from around the country.

The new Queen meets each of them, only to be disappointed over and over. Her father is not among them.

She is about to withdraw into the palace when one last blind man taps his way into the courtyard. When she

turns toward him, his back is to her. Although afraid of being disappointed again, Shim Chung approaches him

and turns him around. It is her father! At first he cannot believe that his beloved Shim Chung is alive, and he

rejects the weeping Queen. After touching her face, however, he realizes it is truly Shim Chung. Overwhelmed

with joy, he regains his sight. The court rejoices at the miraculous reunion and as the royal family greets the

people, the other blind men receive their sight as well. The King and Queen celebrate the wondrous occasion,

Shim Chung father offers his blessing on her marriage, and all share in their joy.